Dial 404-686-5500    then enter 59747


Houston Medical Center and Perry Hospital went live 1/15/2019. Initially, they are only doing in-house strokes and walk-ins.
Grady is going to be their main endovascular neurology team (HUB) if there are patients that require surgical intervention for stroke.


In case we need to connect to the endovascular Vascular Neurologist at Grady:
call the Lysis Pager:  404-686-5500 and enter page ID 59747 (LYSIS).  Input the number you would like for them to call back.

CONNECT the Houston/ Perry doc with the Grady VN doc, stay on the line and dictate into your chart their conversation.

Houston Medical Center

o   478-542-7830 (ER Nurses station)
o   478-975-5650 (ER Charge nurse)
o   478-542-7940 (ER Fax)

Perry Hospital

o   478-218-1704 (ER Nurses desk)
o   478-218-1984 (ER/ICU Charge Phone)
o   478-218-1794 (ER Fax)