PowerPoint Presentations

  • Caustics – PowerPoint Presentation
    Author: Soumya Pandalai

End of Rotation Presentations

  • Salvia – PowerPoint Presentation
    Author: Hannah Woebkenberg

Academic Papers

  • The Spectrum of Intermediate Syndrome Following Acute Organophosphate Poisoning: A Prospective Cohort Study from Sri Lanka – Click here
  • Oxime therapy and outcomes in human organophosphate poisoning: An evaluation using meta-analytic techniques – Click here
  • Cocaine, metamfetamine, and MDMA abuse: the role and clinical importance of neuroadaptation – Click here
  • Multi-Faceted Aspects of Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid: A Neurotransmitter, Therapeutic Agent and Drug of Abuse – Click here
  • Comparison of Octreotide and Standard Therapy Versus Standard Therapy Alone for the Treatment of Sulfonylurea-Induced Hypoglycemia – Click here
  • The relationship between oxime-induced reactivation of carbamylated acetylcholinesterase and antidotal efficacy against carbamate intoxication – Click here
  • Six Years of Epinephrine Digital Injections: Absence of Significant Local or Systemic Effects – Click here
  • Randomized Controlled Trial of Intramuscular Droperidol Versus Midazolam for Violence and Acute Behavioral Disturbance: The DORM Study – Click here
  • Intravenous Lipid Emulsion Sequesters Amiodarone in Plasma and Eliminates Its Hypotensive Action in Pigs – Click here