Training tool for Specialists in Poison Information


Each chapter contains a series of coding questions. The workbook can be used as a pre or post-test for new Specialists or as a review for seasoned Specialists.

Please complete the chapters either by:

  1. Printing out the chapters and writing in the answers, or
  2. Typing in the answers in the WORD document and submitting them to Stephanie Hon via email.

The answers to each chapter will be supplied via requisition to Stephanie Hon.

  1. Caller Site and Exposure Site
  2. Call Type
  3. Clinical Effects
  4. Gender
  5. Exposure Duration
  6. Management Site
  7. Patient Age
  8. Medical Outcome
  9. Patient Type and Multiple Cases
  10. Reason
  11. Route of Exposure
  12. Scenario Details
  13. Substance
  14. Therapy Options

Click here to access the NPDS Manual