Click HERE for the National Poison Data System (NPDS) Coding Users’ Manual

Version 4.1

Approved by the AAPCC Board of Directors April 2019


 NPDS Coding Users’ Manual v4.1:

·         This version of the manual is now available on the “Member Resources” section of the AAPCC website (; all previous versions have been removed

·         This version of the manual will be posted in the immediate future to the “Help” section of the NPDS website ( and all previous versions removed

·         Future versions will be versioned appropriately and will include the board approval date

·         Members should rely on the official version posted to the website or available through NPDS as the version in force at any specific time

·         The official version posted to the website/available through NPDS supersedes any printed version you may have in your possession

·         AAPCC central office will notify members and vendors by email each time a new version is approved and posted

·         Please do not circulate this OUTSIDE of your poison center.  AAPCC is undertaking an initiative to develop an NPDS users’ manual for external clients which can be circulated outside of the poison centers – we will circulate this when it is finalized.